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Disinfectant and Sanitation Treatment West Orange NJ

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Disinfectant and Sanitation Treatment West Orange NJ

Countries all over the world have responded to the COVID-19 epidemic by enforcing a lockdown. The goal is simple – to stop the virus from spreading. 

If you are running a vital business or service that has to keep working, there are some necessary precautions you can take to protect yourself, your employees, and the people using your services. 

As the coronavirus continues to spread, we at Kleen Power Wash have decided to upgrade our services to help home and business owners maintain cleaner environments. 

Our specialized disinfectant and sanitation treatment solutions are unlike other treatments or cleaning packages out there. We combine highly-effective products with one another to professionally decontaminate the area and prevent the spread of coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

Disinfectant and Sanitation Treatment

What Is So Special About Our Disinfection and Sanitation Treatments?

We offer powerful high-grade disinfection and sanitation service that stops the spread of infections and viruses. However, what’s particularly impressive about our disinfection and sanitation treatment is that we disinfect all areas of your home or office without missing a spot. 

We are cleaning experts, and we target all surfaces without exception. The secret is in the cleaning products we use. While we clean, we leave a unique, antimicrobial layer that sticks to ventilation, walls, floors, and other structures in your home or office. 

You won’t notice what we leave behind, but the disinfectants we use can kill bacteria and viruses in a couple of minutes and prevent future spread. All the products we use are safe, with highly efficient but eco-friendly ingredients that can’t harm you or others using the space. 

Kleen Power Wash’s team goes the extra mile to clean small, large, and hard-to-reach areas as quickly and efficiently as we can without compromising on quality. We focus on cleaning promptly and professionally allowing you to re-enter your home or office as soon as possible. 

Protect Your Employees & Customers with Coronavirus Disinfecting Services

In answer to the COVID-19 crisis, Kleen Power Wash has been supporting local businesses to help protect their customers and employees with our disinfectant and sanitation treatments. 

We have the equipment and the right disinfectants to kill the virus that may be living on hard surfaces (such as vehicles, buildings, offices), and can still spread to people. The virus can easily be transferred to people if they touch the contaminated surface. 

There are many touchpoints people use every day, including:

  • Stair rails and handrails
  • Kitchen surfaces
  • Door handles
  • Toilet flush handles
  • Gas pumps
  • ATMs
  • Supermarket baskets
  • Trash bins

Did you know one infected person can spread the virus to the entire office in less than five hours? It is one of the important reasons why your business property needs regular cleaning with efficient products to ensure 100% protection from viruses and infections. 

Thanks to our trained technicians, we can respond to any emergency coronavirus situation using effective disinfectant cleaning treatments. We will go through all contaminated areas cleaning and disinfecting all touchpoints. 

After we complete the decontamination process, we will provide you with our cleaning certificate. Place the document next to the cashier, in front of your office, or the bathroom entranceway. As a business owner, you’ll proudly show your employees and customers you care about their safety and reassure them you are doing everything you can to keep the environment spotless. 

Advanced Hygiene for Residential & Commercial Properties

Disinfectant Sanitation Treatment Residential and Commercia

Supporting local businesses during the coronavirus outbreak isn’t the only thing we do. We design our disinfectant and sanitation treatment solutions to fit both residential and commercial properties. 

Thanks to our sanitizing system, we deliver advanced disinfection with the following benefits:

  • Powerful Disinfectant – Whether we clean your home kitchen or office bathroom, we use an adequate disinfectant that is effective against bacteria, germs, and viral contagions. Our products have a high kill rate, destroying 99% of bacteria and viruses during the first visit. 
  • People-Friendly Cleansers – While tough on viruses and bacteria, our cleansers are gentle on the environment and people using the space. 
  • Complete Coverage – Our disinfectant and sanitation treatment relies on a patented system that covers all contaminated areas, leaving no object or corner unturned. Thanks to our exceptional coverage, we can treat both easily accessible and hard-to-clean surfaces. 

Our commitment to disinfecting goes beyond our equipment and cleansers. We also suggest cleaning strategies that can help both home and business owners identify the areas where bacteria and germs are most likely to multiply. We then focus on these areas with regular sanitation. 

How to Prepare Your Home or Office for Decontamination 

Depending on your requirements, specifications, and space, we will come up with a customized plan to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Whether you prefer ultra-low volume, microbial wipe, or spraying, we will make sure all the surfaces on your property are properly sanitized. 

Here is how to prepare for the upcoming decontamination:

  • Remove children and pets from the contaminated area.
  • Remove materials or items that could be damaged by humidity in the treatment area.
  • Store away all food utensils.
  • Remove all food items from the treatment area.
  • Cover all electrical devices with plastic.

Once we apply the solution, we carefully wipe down the surfaces treated with extra attention to door handles, tables, light switches, computer keyboards, and so on. 

Here are a few post-treatment tips to help you keep up the purity in your home or office:

  • Wash off all food prep surfaces
  • Wash off food containers before use
  • Wipe down your cell phone/tablet before use
  • Sanitize new items brought in from outside 

We are ready to provide emergency disinfection and sanitation treatment to help you prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in private and public spaces:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Public transportation
  • Shipping and distribution centers
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centers
  • Schools
  • Warehouses

Can’t find your business or industry on the list? Don’t worry – we customize our cleaning services to meet your needs. 

Call us, and we’ll inform you of our full list of industries we serve, as well as the price of our daily, weekly, and one-time cleaning services. 

Why Choose Kleen Power Wash?

There is no better choice for disinfecting your home or office than Kleen Power Wash. Known as the best local cleaning company, we are actively working alongside homeowners and companies to treat affected areas and stop the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses, including COVID-19. 

With years of experience and top-notch solutions from a licensed and qualified team,  we’ll keep on doing our part to protect the health and safety of our local homes and businesses. 

Call us today, and we’ll make your home and workplace a more clean and safe place with our disinfectant and sanitation treatment solutions. 

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